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lovesdowntownla – Expedia

December 20, 2013

Having lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, I was very familiar with this hotel and the neighborhood it is in. For those visiting Los Angeles and are looking to save money while being close to downtown, I highly recommend this hotel. The staff was very accommodating, and despite the major renovations going on my stay was pleasant. It was also freakishly cold by LA standards when I was there, so I appreciated the central heat that the hotel offers, A rare amenity in the older buildings of Los Angeles! I always liked this neighborhood, a quiet predominantly latin one with lots of little Panaderias and Pupuserias. If you are an avid fan of theatre, classical music, and museums, you can get much closer the the Civic Center area for this price. If you are willing to use mass transit there is a bus (Line 10) that stops near the hotel and goes directly to the Red Line station (eastbound) and into the Hollywood/Melrose area (westbound). With price of gas reaching $4.00 in LA again and the cost of a rental care this is always a great thing to consider when planning a trip to Los Angeles and a great reason to stay at this hotel. The rooms are very clean, but are in need of renovation, but the good news is, they’re doing it! I just hope when the owner will consider keeping the rates the same once the renovations are completed and thus making the hotel more attractive to value minded travelers.

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